Heat Treating

Get better usage and performance out of your material

Spuncast offers a variety of in-house heat treatments that dramatically improve metals and alloy properties and can extend the life of your components.

We produce a wide range of high-strength low-alloy steels and numerous stainless-grades as well. Our state-of-the-art centrifugal casting foundry and metallurgists deliver effective and precise heat treating processes that will meet your exact specifications. 

In-house heat treatment capabilities

Because your choice of heat treatment depends on the properties your metal requires to meet its end function, we work with you to make the best selection from the processes listed below:


Normalizing gives the metal uniformity and a fine-grained structure. It’s a process used to form a predictable microstructure and create precise mechanical properties within the metal.


(Annealing restores ductility following cold working, allowing additional processing without cracking.) It can also release mechanical stresses and improve electrical properties.

Air and Water Quenching

Quenching uses air or water to fully harden the material and improve the mechanical and toughness properties of the metal, resulting in a more durable component.

Tempering and Stress Relief

As secondary processes, stress relief reduces dimensional changes during further manufacturing or final use, and tempering helps the metal reach the desired balance of ductility and hardness.

Spuncast melds automation with heat treating expertise

Our heat treating processes deliver exceptional results by using modern, automated processes and tapping into over 45 years of experience. It’s a combination that enables us to:

  • Maximize Efficiency With the help of SteCal® control software, our engineers quickly and precisely calibrate the high-temperature furnaces, eliminating human error and increasing productivity.
  • Shorten Your Supply Chain – By offering in-house metal heat treating capabilities, we’ll meet your product’s exact centrifugal casting specifications without ever having to leave the foundry.
  • Provide Zero Part-to-Part Variation – You can count on consistent, repeatable results with our proprietary quenching and controlled annealing heat treatment processes.

See why partnering with Spuncast for your high-temperature metal needs will improve your process and end results.

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