Centrifugal Casting

Create superior strength tubing with lower production costs

Specially designed for cylindrical parts, centrifugal casting begins with pouring molten metal in a rapidly spinning mold cavity, which drives contaminants to the center. Once the desired shape forms, impurities can be removed easily and tubing cut to exact specifications. This results in a number of advantages:

  • Creates parts with a longer service life 
  • Lowers your manufacturing costs
  • Maintains control over the physical properties
  • Improves lead times and production flexibility

Over 45 years of experience matching tubing product specifications

Tubing Size

Our centrifugal casting technology can produce a variety of weights, lengths, and sizes up to:

  • Weight capabilities of up to 13,000 pounds (5,900 kg)
  • Maximum outside diameters of 44” (1,092.2 mm) 
  • Lengths up to 300” (7,620 mm) 

Material Choices

We’ve seen our tubes used in various applications and industries, which means we know which alloys last the longest and which ones are worth your investment. We can produce centrifugal castings from:

  • Stainless grades
  • Duplex grades (metals-delete for consistency)
  • PH grades
  • Numerous high and low alloy steel grades

Value add capabilities

CNC Machining

With our advanced CNC machining technology, your products are guaranteed to meet exact specifications. The accuracy of the CNC machining process will: 

  • Ensure consistent product quality 
  • Eliminate process variation 
  • Enable rapid-fire operations
  • Drive down the cost per part 

Heat Treating

Our state-of-the-art foundry uses a calibrated high-temperature furnace optimized with SteCal® software, proprietary quenching, and controlled annealing heat treatment processes that:

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Eliminate human error  
  • Create zero part-to-part variation
  • Deliver repeatable tensile strength and grain structure

Complete Metallurgical Lab

Our strong network of expert metallurgists will work closely with your engineers. We offer a dynamic roster of in-house mechanical and inspection capabilities, including:

  • Quality assurance metals testing 
  • Metallurgical analysis to ensure specifications
  • Examination of micro/macro structures for numerous metals
  • Mag Particle and Liquid Penetrant

Count on Spuncast to supply you with first-rate steel tubing that will last longer, perform better, and perfectly complete your project.

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Frequently asked questions about centrifugal casting 

What’s the main benefit of using centrifugal casting?

Centrifugal casting produces more robust products with precise cylindrical shapes. The results yield higher stress tolerances than other casting methods. The extreme pressure of the process separates impurities from the denser metal minimizing the formation of weak points. 

Does centrifugal casting produce a reliable part?

Because our centrifugal casting foundry uses the best alloy combinations from over 200+ choices, the base materials exceed your component’s required physical properties, resulting in better durability and reliability and contributing to overall longer service life.

How does centrifugal casting save money?

Because the base material starts out in hollow cylinder form and not as a solid, impurities are easier to remove from the center creating an overall reduced material cost. You’ll also see fewer rejected parts which make the entire process more economical and less wasteful.

Can centrifugal casting parts be delivered faster?

As a long-standing foundry, our molds are well-established and can be quickly set up with a shorter preparation time, reducing manufacturing costs and lead time.